Modified Racing Powerhouses LFR and Troyer Plan to Combine Forces

“Best in Manufacturing” and “Best in Distribution” will Service Modified, Asphalt & Dirt Racers 

SHREWSBURY, Mass. (May 23, 2019) – A business deal is in the works for long-time modified powerhouses LFR and Troyer Race Cars to combine forces and merge.  

The plan is for a new company to be formed, Troyer Manufacturing, which would focus on manufacturing.  Another company would be created – Troyer Dirt – to focus on the manufacturing and distribution of race cars for the Dirt racing customer base.  LFR and Troyer will continue their respective brands and combine forces to offer the best in manufacturing and distribution.

“It’s no secret that I have been trying to do something of this magnitude for quite some time now,” said Rob Fuller, owner of LFR. “The timing seemed right, so Billy (Colton, owner of Troyer Race Cars) and I came together and discussed options and put a killer package together.”

“I have tried several different avenues for manufacturing recently, and whether it was North Carolina or Canada, the Modifieds never were a priority,” said Fuller.  “Now they are a top priority in every sense of the word!”

“Tommy Baldwin actually called me one day and asked why Billy and I don’t figure out something where we can work together, and it kind of hit me how much sense it made to do this!”

“The move is necessary in today’s market to be successful in all aspects of the sport,” continued Fuller.  “We will continue to service both LFR and Troyer dealers with a predetermined dealer structure.  Myself and the LFR staff will provide at-track support for all Modified customers.”

Recently, LFR chassis has dominated the top level of modified racing – securing four consecutive NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour titles (2015-2018). Justin Bonsignore, Chase Dowling and Doug Coby drove LFR cars to the top of the standings last year – with Bonsignore winning eight races on his way to the series championship.

Troyer owner Bill Colton, who has been involved in racing for 44 years, feels the timing is right for this type of change. 

“Rob and I began talking just before the Thompson Ice Breaker about the possibility of doing some manufacturing for him, I guess that starting some talks that brought us to this point,” recalled Colton.”

“I believe that the timing is right for this – Rob has proven that he will do an outstanding job taking care of the customers, working to better the product and educate the racer. When we combine that with the team that we have at Troyer and our ability to manufacture the some of the finest race cars and components in the industry, I think this will prove to be a great move for all involved!”

LFR will distribute both LFR and Troyer products out of a brand new 7,000-square-foot facility in West Boylston, Mass. equipped to provide engineering and set-up support for modified race teams.  LFR will continue the distribution of the Troyer product line through much of the current well-established Troyer Dealer network.

“In talking with Rob, we both agree that it is very important to continue to offer the Troyer and LFR as their own brands,” said Colton.  “I believe that both the Troyer and LFR customers will benefit in this merger in several ways, between the tech support that will be available to them along with better inventory along with other product availability it seems like a definite win-win.”

Troyer Race Cars was stared in 1977 by Maynard Troyer. The company has built over 3,000 chassis during its 40+ year history.  

“I went to work for Maynard Troyer in 1981, I was 20-years-old but I knew that I wanted to work in the race car industry,” said Colton.  “I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for Maynard for the first eight years, and then to become a managing partner in 1989 then the owner of Troyer Inc. in 1999. I was able to learn a lot from Maynard and also forged some great relationships with a tremendous number of racers over the last 38 years. Even though my roles have changed a bit, I will still be active in our sport for some time to come.”

“This will be a big change for me,” said Colton, “but I am looking forward to my new role in the organization. I will be managing the manufacturing facility as well as Troyer Dirt for the next five years.”

“In order to ensure that the dedicated Troyer staff would not be affected in this merger, it was very important to me that the manufacturing stay in Rochester, and at this point I am proud to say that the entire staff will be joining Troyer Manufacturing!”

Fuller, who has a long family history in racing, is looking forward to the future.

“Maynard Troyer was my Elvis,” said Fuller.  “He was an innovator, designer and a heck of a wheel man. It’s an honor to be involved at this level with his brand and make sure it’s going to be around for a long time to come.”

“My family has been involved with the Modified Series for decades,” said Fuller.  “I might not leave my mark from the cockpit like they did, but I hope when people discuss my legacy someday, they can say that I had some kind of positive impact on the Modified division and its evolution to what it has become today. The best racing in the country.”