Crazy Horse Racing hitting full throttle with new Port City Racecars program

Over a dozen orders in for Super Late Model, Late Model chassis for 2020

SOUTH PARIS, Maine (Sept. 13, 2019) — Since the news of Crazy Horse Racing (CHR) becoming a dealer for the famed Port City Racecars brand, a level of excitement and overall buzz has filled the motorsports world in Maine, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for several years.

Interest in the time-honored and race-proven brand of race car has been strong here in the northeast. With over a dozen deposits received for 2020 Late Model and Super Late Model chassis, CHR founder Mitch Green is thrilled to see his shop bursting with energy as the off-season approaches.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re very pleased with the big interest in Port City Racecars,” Green said. “Gary Crooks and his guys do a fantastic job building them, and we’re happy to catch the eyes of so many local racers with his chassis. We’re pretty excited for 2020, to say the least.”

Founded in Michigan by Harley Boeve in 1975, Port City Racecars has provided the highest quality chassis, leading technical support and high-end race parts to racers around the United States and Canada for over 40 years. The company was bought by North Carolina-based Crooks Racing in 2018.

“We opened as Port City Racecars here in North Carolina on Nov. 5,” Crooks said. “This is a bit early to be adding a dealer like this, but I was told we were missing out on a big market up in New England. I had called Mickey Green to chat when we started building an ACT car, and he inquired about them becoming a dealer for us. It seemed to be a good fit, and right now it’s working out very well for us.”

Among the more recognizable drivers to have already purchased a new Port City SLM car from Crazy Horse Racing is Beech Ridge Motor Speedway veteran Dan Mckeage. The Gorham native drives the famed ‘Naughty 40‘ and has a tremendous fan following. He’s eager to drive his fine new machine.

“I’m really excited about having one of these cars for a couple of reasons,” Mckeage said. “We’ve known Mitch Green and Gary Crooks for a long time. The new Port City cars are absolutely beautiful, they’re well made and it won’t be a lack of speed that dictates which races we run in 2020.

“I’ve considered going this route in the past, but it was never really practical. Now, with Mitch being able to provide the quality service after the sale right here in the Northeast it makes sense. The high quality of these cars and that amazing service from Mitch is why we chose a new Port City race car.”

Another driver to watch in 2020 as he wheels a brand new Port City car is Raymond, Maine’s Ivan Kaffel. The rising star has already won a Super Late Model feature (Oxford, 2018), and has a natural feel for Super Late Model racing. He’s more than excited about piloting his new machine next season.

“Our entire team is excited about the move to a Port City car for 2020,” Kaffel said. “My Dad is super into it, he is going to be building a top-notch showpiece and I can’t wait to drive it. The reason we went this route is because of what goes into these cars, how smart Gary Crooks is and how smart Mitch and Mickey are at Crazy Horse Racing. I think with them joining forces, the combination is unbeatable.

“One thing I’m excited about is the opportunity to work alongside guys like Ray Christian III and Dan Mckeage, both great racers. The chance to share information as we learn really helps. With a brand new piece from Port City Racecars and great service from Crazy Horse, we’re ready to win races in 2020.”

Crazy Horse Racing was first launched in 2008 by Mitch Green, a former school auto shop teacher of South Paris, Maine. Mitch’s son, Mickey, bought the company from his father in March of this year. Mickey is a world class fabricator, innovator and also a seasoned crew chief.

In January of this year, Fort Kent, Maine native and 2017 ARCA National Champion Austin Theriault became a partner at Crazy Horse Racing. It was here where he came of age as a force on the short tracks of New England before moving on to national touring series competition. In fact, it was Mickey who helped groom Theriault for bigger things.

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