Rock Maple Racing regional cross country series up for sale
Opportunity to take over the helm available for 2020-21

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HAMPSTEAD, New Hampshire (Apr. 27, 2020) — An opportunity for those who may consider carrying on a longtime tradition of fun-filled yet competitive snowmobile racing here in the northeast has presented itself in the spring of 2020. 

Rock Maple Racing, the regional sanctioning body for cross country snowmobile racing in this part of the country, is for sale. Due to other business concerns which now require more time than ever, the current owners feel that they can no longer give RMR the proper attention it needs moving forward. 

“We had a great run the last five winters, but our main business, KTM Exteriors and Recycling, is growing to the point where we no longer have the time to do it right,” RMR owner and president Tara Saxton said. “Yet we’re very proud of the strong relationships we built with our host sites, racers and series partners. 

“That’s the part we’ll miss the most, the people who dedicate themselves to the sport. We’re looking for somebody with a passion for sled racing, somebody who will invest in the series to make it grow. We know the racers are out there, and we hope somebody will want to keep this series thriving.”

The original Rock Maple Racing brand was created back in the winter of 1991-92, when a couple in southern Vermont started the region’s original snocross circuit based primarily at Haystack Mountain and at a few venues in eastern New York. From those humble beginnings led by Don and Nancy Finck, the series grew into a sizable entity. 

After being carried to new heights by dynamic southern New Hampshire businessman Chuck Minasalli, and his brother, Mark, RMR disappeared when New York businessman Eric Scott and his Connecticut-based partner Bob Roscoe formed East Coast Snocross for the winter of 2010-11. 

Saxton, who is Minasalli’s stepdaughter and ran RMR for several years after Chuck and Mark stepped away, decided to bring the RMR brand out of mothballs to go cross country racing for the winter of 2015-16.

“I’m glad we decided to get back into running a circuit on the cross country side of things,” Saxton added. “It is a much easier endeavor to race on Saturday only than to have points races on both Saturday and Sunday like they do in snocross. This is just as competitive yet less stressful on race day.

“Our hopes are to find a suitable buyer for RMR this spring or summer, but if we don’t, we may run one final season in 2021 with the goal of securing a sale. We’ll make that decision a bit later on.” 

Rock Maple Racing would like to thank its many valued marketing partners for their support, including Owens Corning; Ingles Performance, of Phoenix, NY; Woody’s Traction Products; Caliber Products, Inc.; Choko Design; Nitro Trailers; Ski-doo/BRP Snowmobiles; Certainteed; Grip-N-Rip Racing Products; Precision Marine & Motorsports; KTM Exteriors & Recycling; New England Racing Fuel; Voss Signs; Philbrick Motorsports; Lucas Oil, Curve Industries; PowerMadd and Without your continued support, this venture would have never been possible. 

To speak with the current owner regarding details on purchasing RMR, please contact Tara Saxton via email at