BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 2 Western Star/Alliance Parts Ford MustangVICTORY LANE INTERVIEW

WHAT KIND OF STATEMENT WAS THAT TODAY?  “We’ve had a lot of great races this year with the 2 car, but we just haven’t really went out and kind of dominated a race.  Talking to Jeremy Bullins and like, ‘Man, what do we need to get to that next level?  We’re right there.  We need to go out and just dominate a race,’ and that’s what today was for us with the Western Star/Alliance Parts Ford Mustang.  I’m really proud of my team and the effort that they gave today.  A great race car and to all of Team Penske, thank you.  Its so great to be racing back in front of fans again.  It feels like forever, so welcome back, guys.”

WHY HAS IT WORKED SO WELL WITH JEREMY BULLINS THIS YEAR?  “It’s been good.  I’ve had a good career and I thought we needed a kick in the ass and Jeremy and this whole team has been a kick in the butt for me to make me a little bit better and push me to find another level and we’re doing that so far.  I’m just really thankful.  I’m in a great spot here and hungry for more wins.  I think this is my fifth straight year with three wins, but I don’t want to stop here.  I want us to keep going and I know this team can do it.  I’m driven.  I’ve just got to say there’s so much going on in the world right now.  I’m glad to be able to be a race car driver and get to be here and do these things.  I’ve got two special decals on my car with Maurice Petty and Mr. Bob Bahre, who passed away this week.  I’m just thankful to those who made the sport possible, and to my friend Dave who lost his father this week to the coronavirus.  We’re thinking about you, bud.  There’s so much going on in the world.  We’re just glad to be here and glad that maybe we can take a few peoples’ minds off of all the craziness.  I hope you enjoyed the race.”

WHAT KIND OF STATEMENT WAS THIS TODAY?  “This is the same tire and similar track to Phoenix and we know that’s what you’ve got to do to win this championship.  You have to go win Phoenix and we put on a great showing today.  I’m pumped, I really am.  The playoffs are a long ways away and they’re gonna be tough, but this is certainly a good sign.”

MICHIGAN NEXT WEEK.  THAT WOULD BE SWEET AS WELL.  “It would.  I’ve been so close to winning there and hopefully this is good mojo.”

HOW ABOUT THESE FANS?  “We’re just so glad to have them all back.  It feels so weird to be racing without fans, but we’re glad you’re here.  I hope you stay safe and thank you for being here.”